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Billy Crystal: I can barely see younger women

Billy Crystal has joked that now his eyesight isn’t as good as it was, he doesn’t bother looking at younger women.

The comedy actor has penned a book about his life called Still Foolin' Em: Where I've Been, Where I'm Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys? It’s due out in September but the star read excerpts from it in New York City last night.

Among the subjects he touched on was romance, with the 65-year-old comedian considering how his interest in women has changed over the years.

“Your libido slows downs…you don't kid yourself and look at 25-year-olds anymore. Actually, I do, but they're out of focus, and by the time I get my glasses on, they're gone,” he laughed. “When you're 65, you're surprised by what now turns you on. You look at Dame Edna and think, ‘You know what, maybe…’”

Billy also joked about his fading memory, claiming he probably does the same things he used to 30 years ago but nowadays he can’t remember them.

The star used the reading as a way of raising money for a scholarship he set up in honour of his mother, who passed away in 2001. She always supported his choices and became the person he most wanted to make laugh in life, he told USA Today.

Also getting a special mention was Billy’s wife Janice, who he wed in 1970.

“I'd like to think there is a heaven and it starts from the happiest day in your life. I'll be 18 and Janice Goldfinger will walk by me in a bikini and I will follow her and it will start all over again. I'd really like to think that,” he said.

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