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Blake Lively: I pretend sister's kids are mine

Blake Lively loves her nieces and nephews so much she "tells them she's their mommy".

The actress has discussed her favourite things about Christmas, explaining she treasures memories over material things.

The star's favourite present was a video from her sister that showed a day in the life of her children.

"My most memorable gift was from my sister. She videotaped her kids going to school, it was like a day in the life of them. I love them [my nieces and nephews] so much and as I live in New York I don't see them all the time. I even tell them I'm their mommy, so it was an incredible gift to receive as it's something I can't be there for every day," Blake explained to Grazia's website.

"She filmed them for a whole day from the moment they woke up to going to school. It was an incredible gift."

Blake will be celebrating her first Christmas as a married woman this year. The Gossip Girl star wed actor Ryan Reynolds in September and hinted that he can expect a homemade present from her, such as something she has rustled up in the kitchen.

"The most important gift is something that lasts and that's why I like to spend Christmas with my nieces and nephews - you get to see all these amazing toys they get, and then they are just on the floor five minutes later... Things that last are the most powerful things. I like to give things like a photo album, filled with memorable moments or something you've made," Blake continued.

"My ideal gift to give my family is a vacation; I would join them on that. It creates memories. That's why I love cooking; it is a feast for the senses. Things you grow out of aren't as powerful as something that lasts."

As the youngest of five siblings, Blake has a lot of fun Christmas memories. Food is something prominent in her family's traditions.

"I come from a big family so I am most excited to do nothing but spend time with them. Cook, play games and come together and celebrate," Blake said.

"So much love pours into the food and then so much love pours out of it when you're consuming it."

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