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Blake Lively’s ‘chastity window’

Blake Lively has joked she and husband Ryan Reynolds are concerned about daughter James growing up too fast.

The 27-year-old actress welcomed her and husband Ryan Reynold’s little girl in December 2014.

Although their child is just a few months old, Blake claims she and Ryan are “already paranoid” over James’ teenage years.

"We turned our basement into this cool, accessible room," she told Jimmy Fallon during an interview on The Tonight Show. "I said to Ryan, 'You know, we need to put in a window.' And he said, 'A window going down into the basement? That doesn't make any sense.' I said, 'It's a chastity window. You knew. You were a teenage boy. We cannot have our child—a daughter—go in the basement with a boyfriend. We need a window so that they know at all times that we are watching and they can't get away with doing anything terrible.'

"It's the new form of contraception. We're already planning for that, and terrified!"

Blake, 27, has joked she and Ryan, 38, have developed somewhat of a parental rivalry since James arrived.

The stars have been lovingly pestering one another about their daughter’s future first words.

“We're total rivals, by the way," Blake joked. "I hear all the time, 'da-da, da-da,' and then I walk in the room and he's like, 'ma-ma.' And I'm like, 'How dare you do that?' But all day! I'm like, 'How dare you do that?' The word 'da-da' is banned in our house. You have to say ma-ma all day. And I'm like, 'How can you do that?' I'll take videos where I'm saying 'da-da,' but I don't say it ever.

"She has to say mama first! I do everything! He does nothing!"

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