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Blake: My poor husband!

Blake Lively has sympathy for her husband Ryan Reynolds because he has to put up with her Christmas obsession.

The pregnant 27-year-old actress recently put together a holiday gift guide on her website Preserve, and says their house is now filled with Christmas-related items. But she’s not sure Ryan is quite as thrilled about the upcoming holiday as she is.

“My poor husband, our house is just like filled with this stuff that I'm using all the time. So I love it," Blake told E! News.

The guide includes everything from food, to presents for men and women, to baby items and special gifts for children. And according to Blake, she wanted everything on the list for herself.

"It was very hard to narrow it down," she gushed. "I like Christmas too much so it was just like I wanted everything Christmas-y. And I really actually use everything that's on the site.”

One of the items on the list is “dreaming oil”, while another is a jar of spiced hot cocoa costing $30.

But regardless of Ryan’s feelings about his wife’s festive fayre, the actor is said to be even more smitten than usual with his spouse now that she is carrying their child.

According to a source for OK! Magazine, Blake’s husband “can’t keep his hands off her.”

“Ryan’s all over her as usual, but he’s in total awe of her body and says he doesn’t want her to lose her baby weight. He’s enjoying all her soft curves,”

the insider revealed.

This apparently works well for Blake, too. She is said to be spending more and more time under the covers with her Green Lantern co-star.

“She says they’re in bed more than ever these days, which is just as well because her libido has skyrocketed since she became pregnant,” the source went on.

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