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Blanchett blasé about fame

Cate Blanchett makes sure fame doesn’t go to her head.

The Australian actress has made a name for herself in hit films including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Blue Jasmine.

She is grateful to have found success but doesn't let her celebrity status go to her head.

"If it's part of your identity, then you need to keep feeding it,' she told "But it's not really part of mine. You're in a film or you're on stage to entertain people, so that people will go and see it, it's my job, but that's not all of who I am. It's a wonderful, fantastic part of it, but it's not everything."

Cate is married to playwright and screenwriter Andrew Upton and the pair have three sons together.

The 44-year-old star is rarely snapped by photographers and has no plans to ruin her privacy by sharing her life on the internet.

"I'm a big believer in intimacy. If you take a photograph of one another, I don't like to think two hundred people are going to see that. It's nice that maybe four people might see that picture," she added.

She believes the best advice for aspiring young actors and actresses is to ignore the scrutiny from press. She also shared who she thinks is doing a good job at keeping their feet on the ground in the industry.

"Don't read it, don't look at it, don't worry about it. The more you worry, the more stressed you get. We're constantly instagraming ourselves, tweeting where we are. you have to let go of all that stuff," Cate continued.

"You look at Rooney Mara, look at Mia Wasikowska, there's a lot of really smart girls out there - who've got a handle on what they want to give away and what they don't. And they're the ones I really respect, and they're the ones I'm drawn to because there's a mystery to them."

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