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Friday 31 October 2014

Blue Peter host in head shave vow

Helen Skelton has not been able to wash during her trip

Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton will have to sport a shaved head following the completion of her polar adventure.

The 28-year-old said that her hair had turned into one long rat's tail during her 500-mile gruelling dash across Antarctica for Sport Relief.

Helen, who is battling temperatures which have plunged to -48C during her ski, kite and ice bike ordeal, told the Radio Times that she was beginning to "smell".

Asked whether she'd been able to wash, Helen, who has already reached the halfway point in her journey, said: "No, not at all. They were very strict about keeping the weight to a minimum, so I was only allowed to bring a toothbrush head without the handle.

"I smell already, so by the end I'm going to stink. And I'm going to have to shave my head when I get home because my hair is just one long rat's tail. My one concession is that I had my eyeliner tattooed on so I could dispense with bringing make-up."

Helen said the batteries on her MP3 player failed to work in the cold, so she's kept her spirits up going "through the alphabet in my head, naming a town and then a country for each letter".

The daredevil presenter, whose meals consist of dehydrated ration packs and snacks of cheese, nuts and a pack of 160 chocolate bars said that she was managing to sleep despite the constant daylight.

But she added: "The worst thing is the wind collapsing your tent at night and having to get up and dig it out of the snow."

Helen already looks to have added another world record to her haul, with the fastest 100km kite surf.

Evidence of the attempt has been beamed to Guinness World Record officials in order to verify her claim to the title.

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