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Blunt, Brolin, Del Toro: Drug brutality is shocking

Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro have admitted they all found filming their new drug war film Sicario surprising in many dreadful ways.

The trio star in forthcoming crime drama Sicario, which centres on the narcotics conflict taking place between the US and Mexico.

Emily’s character is an FBI agent named Kate who is tasked with hunting down an anonymous Mexican drug cartel leader and filming Sicario opened up the British actress’ eyes to the true nature of what is going on.

"It is not reported in the news very much what the Cartel are doing, the sheer brutality of what they do and the imprint they're leaving on people's lives,” she noted during a The Hollywood Reporter interview with her castmates.

Benicio has portrayed vicious criminals in the past, having depicted Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar in Escobar: Paradise Lost.

And what he’s learned from playing these types of characters in so many movies is that policeman might benefit from working more closely with other officers in different countries.

"I've played the guy who's addicted to it, I've played the guy who's in charge of it!" he laughed. “There's gotta be another tactic instead of just fighting fire with fire. There's gotta be both sides of the border working on this."

Josh agrees with much of what his co-stars have to offer on the matter.

And what leaves him completely aghast is the fact most Americans are completely oblivious to what’s happening.

"We don't really think about what's in our backyard,” Josh noted.

Sicario reaches US theatres on October 22.

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