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Blunt ‘singing old standards’

Emily Blunt claims her 10-month-old daughter loves to hear her sing Ella Fitzgerald songs.

The 31-year-old Edge of Tomorrow actress welcomed baby Hazel with her husband John Krasinski back in February.

And Emily is happy her 10-month-old responds to classic hit songs while being lulled to sleep.

“I like to sing old standards to my baby daughter,” she told People magazine. “Some of my favourites for Hazel include songs by Ella Fitzgerald and Otis Redding. She seems to like them.”

Fortunately for Emily, her fellow actor spouse John doesn’t mind her singing voice at all.

The actress jokes he better enjoy her unseasoned vocalism.

“I think John likes to hear me sing songs to Hazel. He has to like them!” she laughed.

Emily thinks motherhood is so enriching.

Since baby Hazel came into her life, she finds a whole new appreciation for everything.

“It is just wonderful being a parent,” Emily smiled.

The British actress stars as The Baker's Wife in upcoming musical movie, Into the Woods. The feature is based on a Broadway play and features a number of iconic characters from fairy tales.

Emily recalls being pregnant with her first child created extra anxiety with taking on the part, but director Rob Marshall quashed the star’s fears during a phone call.

“I found out I was having a baby the same week I found out I had this part, which was extraordinary and also made me nervous because I thought I could lose the role - which would have been fine because I was going to be a mum, but disappointing, too," she explained to UK magazine Hello!.

"[I] said [to Rob], 'I have something to tell you,' and for a joke he said, 'You're going to have a baby,' and I went, 'Uh, yeah.' After a moment, he said, 'As your friend I'm thrilled. As your director I'm thinking, "Oh God." But we'll make it work,'" she shared.

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