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Bo Derek: Aging isn’t fair!

Bo Derek has spoken about the lack of pressure in her 13-year romance with beau John Corbett.

The 58-year-old actress became a sex symbol after starring in 1979 release 10, a movie featuring an iconic scene that showcases Bo running on the beach in a gold bathing suit with beads dangling from her braided hair.

Those days are long gone and she misses her youth.

"I feel I'm aging like other people. I feel it's not fair,” Bo told Entertainment Tonight. “I don't mind the years. I just mind the look. I miss my skin."

Bo is currently promoting her new comedy Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, a TV movie which also stars Tara Reid.

Bo plays Tara’s hot mum in the picture and the veteran actress confesses after turning 50 years old, she didn’t have access to really juicy roles anymore.

"I don't play the parts I used to play, obviously," the Fantasies star shared. "I've been a producer. I wouldn't cast me in a lot anymore. At the same time, I'm guilty too. I like to look at younger faces on the screen, and most of our stories are told by younger people because they're the ones that would make a difference in a plot or storyline most of the time."

But aging hasn’t slowed down her love life in the slightest.

Bo has been in a relationship with Sex and the City actor John Corbett since 2002.

"He's funny. He makes me laugh all the time," she said of why their romance has lasted 13 years. "We talk about [marriage] sometimes but we don't have children and we're not young, so there isn't that pressure or need to get married."

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