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Bob Odenkirk: Breaking Bad wasn't on me

Bob Odenkirk knew that Breaking Bad was a "special moment in time" but doesn't think the success has anything to do with him.

Despite playing one of the show's best loved characters Saul Goodman, Bob doesn't think the show's global popularity has anything to do with him. Though the 51-year-old actor does admit that being part of one of the most talked about series in the history of television was a blast.

"It's a hoot," Bob smiled when British newspaper Metro asked what it's like to be a part of such a phenomenon. "People want to talk to me about it on the street all the time.

"But you are acutely aware that you have nothing to do with it. It doesn't feel like a reflection on your own hard work; it feels very much like you are the beneficiary of providence. That might be because I am older, and most people in the cast are a little older too, but everybody involved knew it was a special moment in time."

Breaking Bad co-starred Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston and told the story of a high school chemistry teacher's quest to make the purest crystal meth available. The show bagged itself countless awards over its-five season run.

Even though Bob remains modest over his part in its success, Breaking Bad fans were over the moon to learn that the show's creator Vince Gilligan is penning a prequel. Better Call Saul, which focuses on Bob's sleazy lawyer character, begins shooting next month.

"At the moment even I haven't seen many of the scripts, as it's still being written. It's not going to have the same chemistry - literally - that Breaking Bad had, but there is going to be a mix of drama and comedy, and it is coming from the pen of Vince Gillian again," Bob mused. "So I think there is going to be a huge reward for people who are fans of Breaking Bad."

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