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Bob Odenkirk: Sometimes I suck

Bob Odenkirk finds it "weird" when people refer to him as his onscreen alter ego Saul Goodman on the street.

The 52-year-old star made a name for himself as sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman in award-winning series Breaking Bad and now has his own spin-off show, Better Call Saul.

While many thespians find it difficult to watch their own work, Bob is happy to view his performance on the small screen - even when he thinks it's bad.

"I can watch it. I don't care about that. I always look at it as a character, not as me," he explained to breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1 when asked if he can enjoy Breaking Bad now it's become such a phenomenon. "Actually the thing I can't watch or listen to is this kind of thing where I'm myself. That's embarrassing. But when I'm a character, I don't care. I may not like my acting, I may sit there and go, 'That actor sucks.'"

Breaking Bad also helped revive the careers of Bryan Cranston, who plays cancer-suffering Walter White, and launch Aaron Paul, Walter's drug-making accomplice Jesse Pinkman. It's been lauded for its grittiness and has a massive fan base worldwide, but Bob admits it was almost cancelled twice within the first two seasons.

Now he's returned to the role of Saul, known as Jimmy McGill in the prequel programme, he gets even more recognition while out and about.

"Yes, they scream out. Usually they get the name wrong... 'Gotta Get Sal!' It's Better Call Saul, it's not that hard... Or they say, 'You're Saul!' And I'm like, 'Well, I'm an actor, I play Saul. You understand that, it's not complex, right?'" he added. "It's a little weird but most people respect... They grasp that television is not a glimpse into another reality. It's not actually happening anywhere. It was made, and presented. Reality shows are phony, too. Those people aren't who they appear to be."

He also praised Better Call Saul writers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould for creating a script which makes his "heart drop".

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