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Bobbi Kristina Brown engaged?

Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly secretly engaged.

The 19-year-old lost her mother Whitney Houston just over a month ago but Star magazine claims that the teen has found love and wants to get married.

The man is question is 22-year-old Nick Gordon who Whitney helped to raise and is known as Bobbi's "adopted brother" although they are not blood relatives.

"Nick proposed to Krissy on March 10, and she said yes," a family friend told the publication.

"Krissy said Nick is the only person she trusts in the world. They have a very deep connection."

Bobbi Kristina and Nick live together in Whitney's old home in Atlanta and the pair have called each other "brother and sister" for years.

Whitney apparently took in Nick when he was 12-years-old after his father was sent to prison and his mother could not look after him.

"Nick took care of Whitney and Kristina," his grandmother Maxine Gordon told Star. "He's always been extremely protective of Kristina."

But with Bobbi Kristina set to inherit her late mother's $10 million fortune many close to the teen are concerned that there may be an ulterior motive involved.

"Everyone is worried that Nick is looking to take advantage of Krissy," the insider added. "Nick is getting her at her most vulnerable. If he really loved her, he'd back off the engagement and just be her friend."

Bobbi Kristina and Nick were apparently seen kissing and holding hands outside a Target store in Georgia last Friday, claims.

"Yea we got a little closer and what!!!" Nick recently posted on his Twitter page.

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