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Bomer: I guarded kids from weight loss

Matt Bomer said he did his best to stay isolated while depicting AIDS patient and activist Felix Turner in The Normal Heart.

The 36-year-old actor portrays Felix Turner, an AIDS patient and activist, in new TV movie The Normal Heart.

Matt had to shed a lot of pounds while filming the picture and he didn’t allow his three children or husband to see him looking sickly thin.

“It was sort of one month of casual weight loss and then two months of really aggressive weight loss, and that’s when I left my family, toward the end of the second month, and then just lived on my own in New York and really tried to focus on really solely what Felix was going through,” Matt explained to HIV Plus magazine.

“I obviously consulted someone and I prepared our kids as best I could, but I felt it was best for me to be away at that point in time until I sort of finished the project and could start eating again.”

Matt shares three sons with publicist Simon Halls, who he married in 2011.

The star previously spoke about how much he loves spending time with his family.

“We like to do outdoor, active things,” he told People magazine.

“Swim in the pool, barbecue, jump on the trampoline, and just have fun as a family. With three young boys, it’s a very kinetic household in general. They’re up and at ‘em at 6 in the morning and running around, and we’re chasing them around. I think it would probably temper some of the boys’ rowdiness in a way. But we’re so blessed and lucky to have the kids we have so I can’t sit here and complain or say, ‘What if.’”

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