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Monday 21 April 2014

Bonham Carter took to jewellery

Helena Bonham Carter developed an appreciation for jewellery when she played Liz Taylor

Helena Bonham Carter has revealed she developed a love for jewellery just like her alter-ego when she took on the role of Liz Taylor.

The actress stars opposite Dominic West, who plays Richard Burton, in a BBC Four drama about the famous couple.

She said of acquiring a taste for jewels: "I had a birthday during (filming) and (partner) Tim (Burton) did actually buy me a present which cost him a lot of money...

"It's funny how things educate you, because I wasn't really that into jewels, but I got a few during the Elizabeth Taylor phase."

Helena, who played prolific children's writer Enid Blyton in another biopic, admitted: "In the Enid Blyton phase, I would have been a very cheap date!"

She admitted taking Liz home with her during filming, saying: "That's the only fun of doing it, I love pretending to be other people - I get away from myself, which is perfect, it's a holiday. But it's not a holiday for everyone else, it's really annoying!"

Helena said she learnt a lot about the Oscar-winning actress she plays in the drama, saying: "I didn't realise she was such a clown, she was so funny.

"She was famous for being this extraordinarily beautiful woman and sexy, but she was also hugely powerful and fun and had great joie de vivre and strength of character to survive."

The Hour star Dominic added: "The great revelation for me was that she wasn't this spoilt pain in the a**. Well she was, but she was also ballsy and great to be around."

:: Burton And Taylor is on BBC Four on Monday, July 22.

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