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Bosworth enjoys ‘wild ruggedness’

Kate Bosworth was taken aback by the “cinematic” beauty of California’s central coast.

The 30-year-old stars in Big Sur, a movie which shares its title with a town on the Golden State’s coast.

Her husband Michael Polish directed the film and Kate shares the most beautiful memories of stunning scenery with her beau.

“The ever-changing weather pattern [is what I loved the most]. Everyday it presented something different - but we were always guaranteed a cinematic sunset,” she told Condé Nast Traveler.

“The sheer cliffs and wild ruggedness of the Big Sur coast [surprised me]. No matter how many photographs you see, nothing can prepare you for seeing it in person.”

Kate delighted in the local culture and happily sampled the unique cuisine.

The star reveals she developed a taste for one delicious beverage in particular during her Big Sur stay.

“I was introduced to a Kentucky bourbon called Buffalo Trace,” she recalled.

“A perfect spirit, as this was a Kerouac story.”

The feature is based on writer Jack Kerouac’s unique experience in his rural central Californian cabin and Kate portrays Kerouac’s girlfriend.

The actress was inspired by the late author’s lifestyle and she even bonded with regulars at a community bar.

“There's a pub called Flanagan’s in Carmel that was our local ‘watering hole,’” she shared.

“Jukebox tunes carried us late into the night, Kerouac-style.”

Big Sur was released in American theatres last week.

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