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Boy George’s new ‘life adventures’

Boy George is excited to be starring in his own reality show, which will chronicle his move from London to Los Angeles.

On Thursday it was announced the former Culture Club singer will be filming a reality show with Keeping Up with the Kardashians production company Bunim/Murray Productions.

And he is elated with the prospect of expanding into this genre as he’s pursued many new career endeavours in recent years, including DJing at clubs, starring in a West End play, writing two memoirs, creating a fashion line and working on vegan food products.

“Oh my God. I think life offers up all sorts of adventures,” he gushed to Entertainment Weekly. “Part of the exciting thing is not really knowing where it’s going to go next—because all the old rules about how you do things are out the window now.”

Boy George, whose birth name is George Alan O’Dowd, is convinced reality TV in America is a little more light-hearted than British offerings.

The star doesn’t want his show to be too heavy in content.

“Our ones are kind of—can I say ‘dramatic’? Whereas I think America is kind of leading the way, in the way that ‘TV’ is no longer a dirty word,” he explained.

Boy George says fans can expect his programme, which centres on his relocation from London to Los Angeles, to be wild in many respects.

But he’s looking forward to leading a more relaxed life in California.

“Oh, well I don’t know if I am going to be dating! I might be a celibate monk, I don’t know. L.A. suits me now,” he smiled. “I used to go to L.A. and complain there was nothing to do. I used to say L.A. was dead from the waist down, but now that I’m approaching 54 [years old], I’m not particularly interested in going disco dancing. I’m up for a hike and a bit of pilates. I think L.A., because I’m into healthy eating, it is such a perfect place for that.”

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