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Brad Paisley ‘disturbed’ by TV show

Brad Paisley is proud his wife is appearing in TV show Nashville, but can't bring himself to tune in to it.

The country music singer is married to Kimberly Williams, who plays Peggy Kenter in the US TV show. The programme follows singers in the famous country music arena as they battle to build and maintain their careers.

Although Brad is intensely proud of his spouse, he is unable to tune in the series.

"I can’t watch it. It is really good, but it’s disturbing to me, too close to what I do. It’s like if I was in the CIA, I don’t know if I’d watch Homeland. But I’m not, so I do," he told Parade magazine.

Brad and Kimberly met when he cast her in one of his promos, after seeing her in the movie Father of the Bride. They now have two children together and couldn't be happier, even though she describes him as a workaholic. He knows that is true and admits living with him must be tough at times.

"When you’re a creative person, there are just times when you’re not listening. You know, I could be looking right at you and thinking about something else," he explained.

The singer is gearing up for the release of his new record Wheelhouse next month and he's looking forward to seeing how it's received by fans and critics.

It includes tracks about religion and slavery, with LL Cool J also appearing as a guest rapper. Although it's a departure for Brad, he's sure people will warm to it.

"Maybe I’m naive, but I give them a lot of credit for having been with me a long time and knowing me really well," he replied, when asked what his fans will make of his new sound.

"So it’s not like with one album I’m a whole new guy. I’ve had a great career, and if I don’t have one after this... then so be it."

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