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Brad Pitt: My family has no secrets

Brad Pitt reveals he and his fiancée Angelina Jolie uphold a “no secrets” policy with their six children.

The World War Z actor and Angelina share six children together.

No matter what the problem Brad and Angelina encourage their kids to be honest about what’s troubling them.

Last month Angelina revealed in a New York Times piece she carries a BRCA1 gene mutation that significantly increased her chances of developing breast and ovarian cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy as a preventative measure.

The parents were forthright with their kids about Angelina’s health issues.

“We have a policy in our family, no secrets,” Brad told Extra.

“I mean, there's an age of understanding, so you've got to present it in a way that is age appropriate, but we know our children very well. We want everything to be on the table and any questions they have, for them to ask.”

In her first public appearance since the mastectomy announcement, Angelina accompanied her beau Brad on the red carpet premiere of his forthcoming film World War Z over the weekend.

Brad remains a pillar of support for his love.

“It really shows you that one person can make a difference... I was incredibly proud of her way before this, but it was a very brave decision [to announce the procedure],” he gushed.

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