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Brad Pitt planning 'ruthless attack' on Clooney

Brad Pitt has revealed that he is planning a "brutal" prank on his pal George Clooney.

The actors have been friends for many years and are both known for their high jinks on movie sets.

But the Moneyball star told Extra that he has a hoax up his sleeve that he is waiting for the perfect opportunity to play on George.

"I've been sitting on one that is so brutal, and so ruthless," the actor told the entertainment news show. "I've had it in my pocket for about five years, I think."

Brad added that because they are both skilled in practical jokes they need to be careful about what they do to each other.

"We are like two nuclear superpowers at this point," Brad laughed. "We shouldn't launch because we will annihilate each other."

But when asked if he was conspiring to reveal his trick for the Oscars, Brad said that would be too obvious and he had other ideas.

"No. no. We're gonna handle this one like gentlemen and we'll get dirty off camera," the father-of-six shared.

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