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Bradley Cooper: I don’t have a plan

Bradley Cooper doesn’t find it motivating to have a life map.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Bradley Cooper doesn’t have a life plan, just dreams.

The 40-year-old is known the world over thanks to his roles in movies like Silver Linings Playbook, American Sniper and The Hangover as well as his critically acclaimed performance on stage in The Elephant Man. But Bradley insists his success has been down to hard work, not some grand plan that he’s spent years perfecting.

“I've never been a guy who has a five-year plan or even a two-year plan," he told Details magazine. "It's not motivating for me to have a map. I have dreams, things you'd laugh at if I told you, but you would have laughed at my dreams in high school, and now they're being fulfilled."

Those fantasies include being nominated for an Academy Award three times in consecutive years and a Tony award nomination for his work on The Elephant Man. Last year he starred in two of the three highest grossing movies of the year and gets to work with some of the industry’s top talent.

But one thing Bradley would like to try next is directing.

“I'm 40 years old. Clint Eastwood directed Play Misty for Me at 40," he said. "At some point, I gotta sh*t or get off the pot. Because it's fleeting, being in a place where you can create content on this level. While I'm here, I'm going to take advantage."

The actor’s next project is Burnt, which sees him playing a once promising chef trying to rebuild his career. Having spent many of his formative years working in kitchens, it wasn’t a scary prospect for Bradley.

“I worked for most of my life as a cook,” he added. “When I was 15, I was a busboy at a Greek restaurant and then I worked as a prep cook through college. My mother’s side is Italian, so I grew up cooking all the time with my grandmother. Thank God the role was a chef, because I didn’t have much time to prep. There’s no stunt double. Everything in there I’m cooking.”

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