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Bradley Cooper: I was the worst waiter in the world

Bradley Cooper's dad raised him to become a generous tipper.

Actor Bradley Cooper is happy to splash the cash and leave big tips whenever he dines out, because he knows how hard it is to be a waiter.

The 40 year old is one of the industry’s biggest stars thanks to roles in American Sniper, American Hustle and The Hangover trilogy but Bradley can still remember the days when he was a penniless waiter trying to achieve his dream. Now he’s a box office star worth £60 million, Bradley likes to help others struggling to get by.

“I grew up with having that instilled in me from my father so I’ve always been generous,” he told Britain’s Magic Radio. “For a £120 meal... I’d tip probably £30, or £35... yeah that’s about right! I waited tables. I was in the kitchen up until college and then I was the worst waiter in the world for a very short time.”

Bradley was back in the kitchens earlier this year to make latest movie Burnt in which he plays a former top chef trying to rebuild his reputation. The star found it difficult to resist all the food he was creating, which didn’t help his attempt to lose the weight he had gained for his Oscar nominated role in American Sniper.

“I was trying desperately to lose 25 pounds during the movie which was very difficult because we are cooking in the film,” he added. “Everything you see, I’m actually doing. So that’s real food and we’re cooking and it smells great, and it’s right there and the texture...God! Usually when a scene’s over, the crew and everybody just shuttles out of the room. Everybody just stayed around and ate.”

Unfortunately Bradley’s pride in the movie didn't resonate with film fans - the movie, which also stars Sienna Miller, failed to set the U.S box office alight over its opening weekend, taking in a disappointing £3.13 million ($5 million).

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