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Bradley Cooper jokes about living with mom

Bradley Cooper surprised himself by making a risqué joke about his mother during a talk show appearance.

The actor is close to his mom Gloria and invited her to live with him after his father Charles passed away in 2011.

Gloria will be attending the Academy Awards with Bradley on February 24. He is nominated in the best actor category and has joked about how he found out he was in the running for the iconic prize.

"I was at home. I had this idea that I was gonna bypass it and go running with my dog, but they announced it at 5.30am so it's pitch dark so I thought maybe that's not a great idea. So I decided to watch it and I knew they were announcing it at 5.35am. I woke my mother up and we were sitting there...," he told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who immediately laughed and asked if Bradley still lives with his mother.

"Yeah, yeah I am," Bradley giggled, before launching into another joke. "She was sleeping right next to me, and I just said...I just leaned over and said, 'Hey baby, you want to get up and watch that...' This is getting so sick now! My mom's all excited right now watching and then, 'What is he saying!'”

Bradley called his Oscar nomination "crazy and pretty nuts" and admitted it is still sinking in. He faces stiff competition from Daniel Day-Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman.

The star is a huge fan of the Academy Awards and used to watch them with his father. Making the ceremony a family affair means the whole experience is more meaningful for the actor.

"I'm excited. I'm going to wear Tom Ford. He's the best, he makes a great suit. I'm not going to be wearing purple. We were looking at samples - is that what you say? I'm making this up!" he laughed to ET Online.

"[My mom] hasn't found the dress yet though, I just hope she doesn't bail at the last minute. It's very stressful for a woman... We'll be there together which is great, it's huge thing for us. Massive, oh yeah. Are you kidding? It's unbelievable."

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