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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Brand and Ross team up over book

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross will renew their controversial double-act when the comic releases his new book

Controversial double-act Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are teaming up again to promote a new book.

The pair suffered a spectacular fall from grace over the "Sachsgate" affair when they left lewd messages on the phone of veteran actor Andrew Sachs.

It was announced that Ross will interview Brand at the London date of his new tour.

Their appearance at the end of the month at Hackney Empire is part of a promotional tour for Booky Wook 2 - the follow-up to Brand's first volume of memoirs.

The storm over "Sachsgate" saw Ross suspended from the BBC for three months and Brand resign from his BBC Radio 2 show.

Ross later quit the BBC and said one reason was to avoid the "sheer volume of negative press" he was attracting to the corporation.

Brand's tour will also visit Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham and audiences are promised a chance to grill the Essex-born performer.

The comic actor has taken Hollywood by storm since heading for the US in the wake of the scandal.

His fiancee, singer Katy Perry, said her devout Christian parents thought the former sex addict who had an 11-year drug habit, was going through a religious "transition".

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