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Brandon Flowers couldn't face weight gain

Brandon Flowers found it hard to look at himself when he put on weight in 2006.

The Killers frontman indulged his penchant for food around the time the group's record Sam's Town hit stores.

At the time he loved munching on his favourite meals, but that soon changed when he realised his body was transforming.

"Oh man! I don't know," he laughed, when Q magazine asked about the last time he saw himself and was disappointed. "Maybe some point during the Sam's Town era, around 2006. I was finally getting used to having money and I was maybe eating too many steaks."

Brandon was then quizzed on the last time he tucked into food without worrying about the consequences. The 32-year-old star claims that rarely happens as he has become increasingly health conscious as he has got older.

"I eat like a truck driver, but I don't change that much," he explained. "I must have a good metabolism. The last time was when The Killers were in Buenos Aires recently. I ate chorizo and it wasn't the cleanest looking establishment. Not only did I not worry about the consequences, I paid for it with food poisoning."

The star also opened up about his last serious illness, which involved having surgery on his shoulder to shave off some bone. He was bedridden afterwards but is now feeling much better. That doesn't stop him having strange dreams though.

"The other night I dreamt that my arms got cut off from the elbow down," he laughed. "There was no pain and it instantly healed, so I went around without my forearms and my hands. I wonder what it represented?"

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