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Brandon Flowers: I'm all about family

Brandon Flowers feels lucky to not have any regrets looming over his head.

The frontman of The Killers has his own successful solo career also, with new single Can't Deny My Love from second album The Desired Effect taking the world by storm.

During his down time Brandon takes time out with his family, wife Tana Mundkowsky and their sons Gunnar, Henry and Ammon.

"When I'm not making music... I try to be the best dad I can be to my kids, try to be the best husband I can be to my wife. And maybe get a hike in," he smiled to Mojo.

"My biggest vice is... well, Las Vegas has no shortage of great Mexican food. But I have a desire for one dish at one particular joint in town that borders on sinful."

Brandon grew up in the gambling capital and is grateful to music for giving him a way out. At first his escapism was mentally, listening to tunes to "transport" him to another place. Eventually his talents were recognised enough for him to get away physically.

"My big goal in life was to get 'juiced in' to a big casino by one of my uncles and park cars for big tips. That was it. But when The Killers blasted off, all that changed," he recalled. "I've been really lucky. I don't have anything looming over my head."

When quizzed on how he'd like to be remembered in years to come, Brandon - who cites his wife as his most prized possession - hopes to be viewed as "a good man who never gave up".

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