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Brandon Flowers talks flight fears

Brandon Flowers doesn't miss alcohol that much, but does reminisce about "the camaraderie of being with the boys".

The Killers frontman was raised as a Mormon and in keeping with the religion's beliefs he doesn't drink. He has in the past and admits there are times when he considers indulging in a tipple, such as when he feared he was going to die while travelling.

"I do think about it. I should say I don't miss anything, but I do; I miss the camaraderie of being with the boys," he told Q magazine. "But otherwise I don't. Apart from on a plane in Colombia. I could've done with a couple of big ones then."

Brandon was referring to a trip he took with the band in March. They took off in Bogotá, Colombia, and were heading to Mexico, but the journey was incredibly rough. Even now the star hates thinking about it as he was so petrified for his safety.

"It was stormy and I've never been so scared in my life," he explained. "It felt like we were never going to make it to our cruising altitude.

"Years ago I saw a psychiatrist to get over my fear of flying and this ruined it all for me. I felt like I'd lost all the mental training that I'd been through."

Brandon and his tour manger were seated together and both of them struggled to cope. The singer believes having someone who was also worried near him only amplified his fear.

Flying isn't the only problem Brandon has when he travels for work. The star has three children with his wife Tana and his youngest kids struggle to comprehend why he is always away.

"Every time I leave I feel I have to explain," he admitted. "My eldest, Ammon [five], he gets it but the middle one, Gunnar [three], and the youngest, Henry [two], don't quite understand it. I don't say any more than I'm going to work and I sing to people. But they've seen a few videos and really like The Killers' Christmas songs."

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