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Brandy longs for wedding

Brandy wishes she was engaged.

The singer cannot wait for her boyfriend Ryan Press to pop the question and is trying hard to remain patient.

The R&B star has been going out with the A&R professional for a year and Brandy gushed that he inspires her to give her best performances.

"I wish we were engaged. He's taking a little long on the ring side of things, but I'm patient," she told Ebony magazine, before recalling how his presence has pushed her to deliver her most stunning vocals. "I wanted to impress him. I wanted him to be proud of me; I was inspired by him. I want him to love my songs. I want him to love my voice."

Brandy also spoke about her younger brother Ray J, who she believes has been tarnished with an unfair reputation as a ladies' man.

A musician himself, the 31-year-old famously starred in a leaked sex tape with his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and is currently grieving the death of his on-off love Whitney Houston.

"He's misunderstood. It's one thing to have this image of [a player] but it's another to become this other type of person they're trying to make my brother out to be," she said. "I know who he is. This is a man who loves his mama and his sister and his niece. Ray J loved Kim Kardashian. They were irresponsible with their - you know - but he loved her."

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