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Saturday 19 April 2014

Brandy wants fans at wedding


Brandy may allow a reality TV show to be made of her wedding so her fans can share her special day.

The American singer and music executive Ryan Press got engaged over Christmas and she is enjoying planning their nuptials. Previously the 34-year-old star was never that interested in weddings, although that has totally changed.

Brandy has even considered allowing a reality TV show to be made out of her special day, as she thinks it would be a great way to get those who have followed her career involved.

"I just wish I could invite a lot of my core fans to the wedding because they’ve been there for me for so long. That's what makes me think about [doing a TV series] in that way, because I'm very close to my fans," she told talk show host Wendy Williams.

Ryan popped the question in front of Brandy's family as they sat down to eat their festive meal.

Although most of her loved ones "had a feeling" the special moment was coming, seeing her now-fiancé on one knee was still a shock for everyone.

He also chose the engagement ring himself, which consists of a large round-cut diamond on a band of smaller gems. She is thrilled with the jewellery, admitting it's one of the few stones she's ever truly liked.

Brandy has ten-year-old daughter Sy’rai with Robert Smith, with the child's birth serialised on a TV programme. The singer has already decided on the role Sy’rai will play in her wedding.

"She's the maid of honour. She's ten and she's my best friend. I love her unconditionally, everything that I do in my life is for her," she explained. "Every decision that I make I have her in mind and it's just beautiful to have a bond with her, so I thought that would be a special moment for the both of us. For her to share in that happiness on that special day."

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