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Brangelina 'disagreeing over wedding plans'

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly struggling to agree on details about their wedding.

The pair got engaged recently after dating for seven years. Although Angelina has been happily showing off her stunning $500,000 diamond engagement ring, there is speculation that the wedding planning is taking a toll on the couple.

It appears that juggling their hectic work schedules, along with raising six children and organising their nuptials is proving stressful.

"You'd think them finally getting engaged would have them high on love, but since Brad's proposal, the shine has worn off," a close friend told the US edition of OK! magazine. "Of course that's mainly down to them having to agree on the nitty-gritty details of the wedding, including the pre-nup, and they're both quite horrified to discover there are loads of things they do not agree on."

Angelina's father Jon Voight recently revealed that the actress was in no rush to tie the knot. He also gave an insight into his daughter's busy life.

"It was very nice I thought," he said of the happy news. "If they're going to have a wedding - it's wonderful. Of course, they're the parents of six kids. They've been that way for a while

"I've seen her recently and we've had a great time. She's one of those people that can do many things at once and has many passions."

There has been much speculation about where the nuptials will take place - with recent reports suggesting it is likely to be the couple's chateau in France.

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