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Britney Spears' superstar wish list

Britney Spears originally wanted Nicole Richie to star as a valet girl with her in a music video.

The Toxic hitmaker has collaborated with a number of people during her career, including Madonna and most recently Iggy Azalea. However the 33-year-old still has a wish list of musicians that she would love to work with.

"I have a lot of people I'd like to work with. Ludacris, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell, Shania Twain, Céline Dion, there's so many amazing artists out there.

"Erm, not really. I don't know, I'd have to get some balls," she laughed to Good Morning Britain when it was suggested she could just call them up because of her star power.

Britney enjoyed working with Australian rapper Iggy on their recent hit Pretty Girls. The video saw the pair having fun in full 80s attire, but the mother-of-two had originally envisioned shooting the sequences with someone else.

"Before we even got the song, I called my manager and said, 'I wanna do a video where...' - I actually wanted Nicole Richie to be in it - and I was like, 'We can do something really fun'," she explained. "I know her really well and she's a really, really sweet girl and we could be like valet girls and all this kind of stuff. And what happened was we got the song from Iggy's producers and it fit my voice so well. And then we just ended up doing it and it worked out, and I got the idea of the valet girl thing and it was really cool. [Iggy's] a really sweet girl."

When Britney isn't shooting videos, she is performing sold-out gigs at her Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas. She took up her residency in December 2013 and hasn't grown tired of the commitment just yet.

"I'm having a great time in Vegas doing the show," she smiled. "I fly back and forth from here to LA and it's fun, it's a lot of fun."

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