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Britt Robertson: Clooney went easy on me

Britt Robertson hopes Tomorrowland will be watched for decades to come.

The two are currently starring opposite each other in Tomorrowland, a film all about the future.

George is known for his elaborate pranks, and last week revealed one he'd played on Amy Poehler and Tina Fey with a forged letter claiming to be from Matt Damon. However, he went easy on relative Hollywood newcomer Britt.

"No, thank god. I'm very gullible," she smiled to Total Film magazine. "But he'd tell me about his antics. He plays extensive practical jokes that will actually last years..."

George recently appeared on Britain's Graham Norton show and admitted he's currently in the middle of a practical joke that "might get him arrested", but didn't divulge any further.

Tomorrowland also stars English actor Hugh Laurie, and is based upon a section of the Disney theme parks.

Britt, 25, has high hopes for the film, which hit cinemas last week.

"We would be so lucky if that is the case," she smiled when asked if she thought it could become a classic adventure tale. "It has a really relevant and powerful message, so if does get watched for decades to come, I think it would be a great thing. It inspires me to be more hopeful in life. It's not always my instinct. Inherently I'm more sceptical, but the movie, which I've now seen, had a real effect on me.

"[Tomorrowland] is magical because it's been created by the best brains - people who are trying to change the world for the better."

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