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Britt Robertson: Clooney's a comic

Britt Robertson thinks Scott Eastwood was too shy to kiss her during the audition for The Longest Ride.

The 25-year-old star was lucky enough to star opposite the Hollywood heartthrob in sci-fi flick Tomorrowland, which follows her character Casey Newton as she discovers a futuristic world.

She and George shared plenty of jokes on set and it was a thrill for Britt to work on such a big movie.

"He's so silly! Silly is definitely the best word for him. He's a guy who always wants to be doing something and making people laugh. He loves goofing around. He plays music in-between takes. He knows all the words to [The Sugarhill Gang's] Rapper's Delight. Every word, it's really impressive," she laughed to ASOS magazine.

"It's very exciting. The potential for the movie doing well and changing the course of my career... It's really out there."

Before fans can see her in the fast-paced feature, she's starring in romantic drama The Longest Ride, opposite Scott Eastwood. With lots of intimate moments throughout, it could have been awkward for Britt, but luckily she and the 29-year-old hunk became close enough for it to be comfortable.

"Scott didn't kiss me in the audition, and I remember thinking, 'OK, maybe he's being respectful, that's cool.' Then the next guy auditioning comes in and we kissed, and the third guy came in, we kissed too. If I'm going to an audition and it says the character kisses someone, you better bet I'm going to be kissing them, it's my job!" she smiled. "He could have been nervous, which I doubt, because he's Scott... After a week of rehearsals and getting to know each other he really became my buddy."

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