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Brittany Snow: Cornrows were an error

Brittany Snow found Vin Diesel "really sweet" when she worked with him on The Pacifier.

The American actress has finally made it big time thanks to her roles in movies such as Prom Night and John Tucker Must Die, which helped her to become the star she is today.

Brittany wasn’t always clued up and confident during auditions though, as she recalls an embarrassing moment from one of her early rehearsals.

"The Pacifier was my first movie. I really wanted to be in a movie and I loved Vin Diesel. I got to play a batty teen. I went into the audition to read for [the director] Adam Shankman and I was wearing cornrows because that's what I thought a punk teenager would wear,” she cringed to “Still, to this day, he makes fun of me because I cornrowed my hair. Everything has gone up from there. But it was really fun.”

Vin played Elite Navy SEAL turned babysitter Shane Wolfe in the comedy and Brittany was bowled over by how “funny and light-hearted” he was. She even got to spend time with the action star away from set, much to her delight.

“He let us hang around him all the time and play games. I was, like, 17, and he would take us out on the town. I don't know why he wanted to do that, but he was really sweet,” she smiled.

Speaking about her other big films, Brittany admits she messed up her audition for Hairspray so bad that she had to beg the director to try again.

The musical movie turned out to be a hit, and also prepared her to belt out songs again in 2012 movie Pitch Perfect, the sequel to which is out now. Brittany was determined to be cast in the popular franchise, no matter what the role.

“I basically begged the director to be in the movie and said, 'I will play anyone!' I was his first meeting and then I was the last girl to be cast,” she laughed. “In that span of months and months I was just waiting around, hoping.”

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