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Britton’s son ‘learning how to treat women’

Connie Britton reveals she is doing her best to instill respect for the opposite sex in her little boy.

The 47-year-old Nashville actress is mother to three-year-old Eyob, who she adopted from Ethiopia in 2011.

And the star believes her little boy is bound to have excellent relationships with females when he becomes an adult.

“Oh my gosh, he’s surrounded by loud-mouthed women all the time. He’s always learning about women,” she joked to People magazine.

“I am actually really proud, I think he’s going to grow up with a real strong sense of how to treat women because he’s around them so much — especially powerful, strong women.”

Connie is amazed by how much parenthood has transformed her perspective on life.

She admits being a mother is an out of this world learning experience.

“Parenthood is surprising. There are surprises every day, which surprised me in itself,” the star shared.

“People always say, ‘Parenting requires patience,’ and I heard that and I thought I understood why, but I had no idea really why I needed to be patient.”

When Connie did discover what the masses meant by the parental patience requirement, she was shocked.

“I finally found out: it’s because kids are SO SLOW,” she said. “Everything they do is slow, so that’s why everyone always told me I would need patience.

“My son wants to try everything, and I love that, but he’s young so everything he does is slow. I just have to watch and wait for him to finish each thing.”

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