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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Broadchurch set for second series

David Tennant starred in ITV drama Broadchurch, which is returning for a second series

Broadchurch will return for a second series, ITV has confirmed, after more than nine million viewers were gripped by the whodunit murder mystery.

The eight-part drama, which concluded on ITV1, starred David Tennant and Olivia Colman as detectives on the hunt for the killer of 11-year-old Danny Latimer.

Set in the picturesque Dorset town of Broadchurch, the murderer was eventually revealed to be Joe Miller - the husband of Colman's character, Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller.

ITV said the new series will go into production next year, with details of the storyline and which characters will return being kept tightly under wraps.

Broadchurch's first episode achieved 9.1 million viewers, gaining 31 per cent of the audience share - the highest weekday launch of a new drama since ITV's Whitechapel in January 2009. The series, created by Torchwood writer Chris Chibnall, had bookmakers running odds on who they thought was responsible for Danny's death.

ITV's director of television Peter Fincham said: "We're delighted to be commissioning a second series of Broadchurch. From the moment the murder scene was discovered, viewers became gripped by the series, and we've been genuinely thrilled by the audience response.

"David and Olivia's performances and Chris's cleverly crafted scripts have created a truly compelling drama."

Chibnall said: "The whole Broadchurch team has been delighted and properly gobsmacked by the response from ITV viewers.

"When I first talked to Peter Fincham and Laura Mackie, ITV's director of drama, about Broadchurch, I mentioned that if people liked it, there was another very different story we could tell afterwards. I'm really thrilled we're going to tell that story too."

A peak audience of 9.3 million tuned into the show last night, according to viewing figures. It drew an average audience of 8.6 million making it the highest rating episode of the series by one million viewers.

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