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Brolin: Benicio's bits are big!

Josh Brolin feels as though he's "exploited" the moment Benicio del Toro bathed in a pool wearing boxers.

The Puerto Rican actor was a topic of discussion recently, when his Sicario co-star Emily Blunt revealed he forgot swimming trunks at a pool party held by Josh. Despite her hinting that Benicio was embarrassed after dipping in the cool water wearing boxers, Josh thinks the well-formed star has nothing to worry about.

"It was really hot out and the pool was really cold... [Benicio] didn't bring a bathing suit... Now it's totally exploited 'cause you saw [Emily] talk about it on your show and now I'm talking about it, so obviously it wasn't a private moment. And that's why he took off his pants and went in the pool in his underwear, because he trusted us," Josh joked to talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel.

"I don't know what [mentioning the cold water] suggested because his penis was still fine. If anything it was just the joke that he was in his underwear, not the size of his penis. Maybe she's used to a bigger penis."

It isn't just crime drama Sicario Josh is promoting at the moment; he also has epic adventure flick Everest hitting cinemas soon. Based on the true events of climbers attempting to reach the mountain's peak in 1996, the cast - also including Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Clarke - were put through their paces while shooting on location.

But one full-on incident actually took place away from the cameras.

"I went skiing on a day off, and then there was nobody on the mountain except for, I don't know why, there was a German in dayglow [bright neon rave gear] who started chasing me for no reason," Josh recalled. "And when a German in dayglow starts chasing you down a mountain you don't want to stop and talk to him and say, 'Why are you chasing me?' So I fell trying to get away from him and I hurt my shoulder."

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