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Brooke Hogan: Don’t forget Hulk’s positive past

Brooke Hogan has taken to Twitter to support her wrestler father Hulk in light of a scandal that exposed him making racist remarks.

The 61-year-old wrestler was fired from the WWE for making racist comments and has been replaced by Shawn Michaels in the organisation's upcoming Australia tour.

Last month a tape emerged, in which Hulk used offensive language including the n-word.

His daughter Brooke, 27, has continuously defended him and took to Twitter to remind her followers that everyone has done things they are ashamed of.

"Seriously... We all say dumb s*** in the privacy of our own homes. Dont forget who influenced you so POSITIVELY when you were young. XO," she posted.

"Big up to the people who don't act perfect. The people with no egos. Makes me love you more (sic)"

She also thanked Sports Illustrated magazine for its write-up of her father recently. Alongside a snap of the article, she wrote: "This is something that can never be "scrubbed." He changed lives...In a positive way. @SInow thank u for being #100 (sic)"

In the video that was unearthed last month, Hulk is ranting about Brooke sleeping with a black man. Later more footage emerged, in which he addressed his son Nick, 25, with the n-word.

Countless people have commented on the scandalous clips, with fellow wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson voicing his disappointment in Hulk, real name Terry Bollea.

“I was pretty disappointed with what I heard,” Dwayne revealed while speaking via satellite at the HBO Television Critics Association press tour, according to Deadline. “I’ve known Terry for years. My dad help trained him in Florida in the 1970s, and even my uncle. I come from a long line of professional wrestlers. I didn’t know him [Terry] to be a racist. It’s one of those things where it’s not definite in terms of what he said. We’ve all talked trash. He said what he said and he’s paying the price.”

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