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Brooke Mueller ‘furious with DCFS’

Brooke Mueller has reportedly accused the Department of Children and Family Services of trying to sabotage her custody battle.

The 36-year-old is mother to twin boys Bob and Max, four, with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen. The pair are currently fighting a bitter custody battle over who will care for the boys.

Troubled Brooke has been in rehab around 20 times, in large due to her addiction to crystal meth.

During her last visit to a rehabilitation centre, Charlie's other ex-wife Denise Richards took the young boys in to live with her, but then was forced to give them up due to their unmanageable behaviour.

Brooke's brother Scott then looked after them, but it was yesterday reported that the twins could be in danger of being placed into foster care after "mystery evidence" concerning Brooke's drug treatment programme has been presented to the Department of Children and Family Services.

"She [Brooke] truly believes the authorities are out to get her and to make an example out of her. The harsh treatment she is getting is because Brooke believes she is a celebrity and was married to Charlie Sheen, who as everyone knows, has been extremely critical of DCFS," a source close to Brook told Radar.

"Brooke is beyond furious with DCFS and thinks they are working against her to get custody back of the boys. According to Brooke, all of her drug tests have been clean and she has done everything asked of her. The carpet has been pulled out from underneath her feet and she just wants her boys back."

Yesterday the judge presiding over the case ordered an administrative hearing to be held in mid-January, to deal with the findings of the investigation.

Denise has reportedly told authorities that she is willing to care for the twins again if the only other option for them is foster care.

“Denise reached out to DCFS and said under no circumstances does she want Bob and Max to be placed in foster care,” a source previously told the site. “Social workers were impressed with Denise’s commitment to the boys. If the boys were to come back to Denise, she said they would have to be properly tested and assessed for their behavioural issues. She never wanted to give the boys up, but Brooke refused to allow them to be seen by doctors.”

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