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Brooke Shields: I’m allergic to my dog

Brooke Shields reveals she gets regular shots from the doctor in order to be able to spend time with her dog.

The 48-year-old Army Wives actress shares children Rowan, ten, and Grier, seven, with husband Chris Henchy.

Their family home includes animals and Brooke must be medicated in order to house her pooch.

“I get shots because I'm allergic to my dog,” she told Us Weekly.

Brooke has been around animals all her life.

She loves dogs and came to terms with the death of pets from an early age.

“When I was a kid, I had a Siberian husky. When she died, my mom told me that she went to Alaska to pull sleds,” Brooke recalled.

Brooke lost her beloved American bulldog Darla a couple years ago to cancer.

She spoke of her brood’s undying love for the hound around the time of Darla’s death.

"It's very sad, actually," Brooke told People magazine. "We're all in that sort of trauma where we have her ashes and the girls [Rowan and Grier] carry these little footprints of hers around. She was the only dog we've really ever had.

"[My daughters and I] walk to school everyday and they see all these different dogs, we're kind of [thinking about] what way do we want to go. We'll probably never get another bulldog. We would just constantly be going, 'That's not Darla.'"

Brooke thinks the late Darla had incredible insight. The dog knew Brooke was expecting before the actress was aware of it.

"[Darla] knew I was pregnant before I even knew I was pregnant," she recounted. "She would circle me and not let me walk anywhere, I was going, 'God, what are you doing, get out from under my feet!' And that afternoon I found out."

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