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Brooke’s sons ‘being turned against her’?

Brooke Mueller has alleged Denise Richards is bribing her boys.

The public battle being played out between Brooke, ex-husband Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards, heavily involves Brooke and Charlie’s boys Max and Bob.

The four-year-old twins have been cared for by Denise while 36-year-old Brooke was in rehab for substance abuse.

“In the filing, Brooke said Bob told her that he ‘hated her.’ Brooke said she believes that Denise told Bob to say that as part of an on-going campaign to turn the boys against her,” a source with knowledge of the documents told Radar.

“The visit was supervised… Brooke asked the boys if anyone told them to misbehave and she didn’t get a response. Brooke thinks the boys are being bribed with toys and candy by Denise.”

It is also alleged Bob attempted to bite his twin brother and wouldn’t look Brooke in the eye, says the source.

Apparently Brooke’s allegations against Denise are largely unfounded.

“There’s no evidence that Denise has done anything that Brooke has alleged. It’s quite the opposite… Denise has never spoken ill of Brooke in the presence of the boys, ever,” another source said.

“The appropriate forum for her to address her concerns was via a letter to child protective services.”

Charlie Sheen has taken to Twitter to publicly slam ex-wife Brooke, as the pair continue to fight a bitter custody battle.

Yesterday Denise, who currently holds temporary custody of the boys, reportedly informed the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services that she could no longer care for them, due to their violent behaviour.

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