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Brooklyn Decker: Neeson is paternal

Brooklyn Decker found Liam Neeson "incredibly intimidating" when they first met.

The 24-year-old actress and the Oscar-nominated Hollywood legend star alongside each other in upcoming action film Battleship.

Brooklyn admits that she was anxious about being formally introduced to Liam.

"He's supposed to be. You know, it's funny 'cause Liam's incredibly intimidating," Brooklyn told MTV News. "He's 6ft5in, he's huge and he's Liam Neeson. He's been in Star Wars. He's a legend."

Brooklyn confesses that her nerves really got to her when Battleship filming commenced.

Liam picked up on Brooklyn's disquietude and stepped in to appease her.

"I have to say that I was...nervous going into this movie and my first week working with [Neeson], he's like, 'Let's go out for a drink. I can tell you're nervous.' " Brooklyn recalled.

"We go out for a drink, and he's like, 'Anything you want to ask me, just go for it.' And he told me funny stories and good memories and told me that I should just have fun and play with this experience. And I think, that seemed very paternal and made him very fatherly, so it was very easy for us to play father and daughter."

Battleship starring Brooklyn, Liam, Rihanna and Taylor Kitsch will be released in British theatres April 11.

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