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Brown Findlay: Don't mention Downton

Jessica Brown Findlay doesn't want people making references to her Downtown Abbey character when she's out drinking with friends.

The British actress made a name for herself playing Lady Sybil Crawley in the smash hit period drama.

She left the series in 2012 and claims people hardly ever recognise her when she's not in her corset.

"My idea of a perfect day is pottering around with friends, sitting down in the pub and having a pint. If someone came along and said: 'Lady Sybil!' that might just ruin my drink," she laughed to British newspaper Metro.

Currently starring opposite Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe in Winter's Tale Jessica plays Beverly Penn, an heiress with the gift of reincarnation.

Set in 1916 New York, this fantasy-romance movie is adapted from a Mark Helprin novel and the script blew Jessica away.

"I’d never read anything like it and just found it so beautiful," Jessica gushed.

"She’s tucked away in this house and doesn’t think she’ll ever have the kind of life everyone else will have. And that’s OK for her, until this moment happens."

Her Hollywood career has come off the back of Downton, but Jessica hopes it's her acting merits that help her land new roles and not the fact that she was in the award-winning series.

"I’m praying the reason I’m able to get a job is because I’m good enough, rather than because of being in another show. I would hate that.

"You never know how long anything lasts," she added.

Speaking at the UK premiere of Winter's Tale last week in London, Colin revealed the romance in the movie was the reason he took on the job.

"[It's] unabashedly romantic and sentimental.

"I hadn't read anything ever that wore its heart on its sleeve with such pride as this film did. I just loved this film, the characters and the time period it was set in," Colin revealed.

Winter's Tale hits UK cinemas on Friday.

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