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Bruce Jenner 'embracing family'

Bruce Jenner's eldest daughter has said she supports every decision he makes.

The former Olympic athlete split from Kris Jenner last year, following a 22-year marriage. He has daughter Kendall and Kylie with Kris but is also father to Burt and Cassandra from his first marriage to Chrystie Crownover. He had sons Brandon and Brody with his second spouse Linda Thompson and on Kris' family's reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians much has been made of his difficult relationship with his older children. He is now trying to rectify the situation.

"He's really embraced his old family and friends that he hasn't seen for years," Cassandra told People. "It's great."

It's previously been claimed Bruce is focusing on spending time with his children and plans to retire from the limelight.

As well as switching up his social life, the 64-year-old has made some physical changes. He has grown his hair long and now wears it in a ponytail, while he also underwent an operation to make his Adam's apple look smaller. Eyebrows have been raised about the alterations, with Cassandra explaining she hasn't mentioned the topic to her dad.

"It's his life, and whatever he wants to do, he wants to do," she explained.

"He's always been a handsome guy, and he never needed to do anything. But you know, clearly he feels differently. And nobody knows how it is to be in his skin.

"If that's what he chooses to do, then I support him."

It's thought Bruce has switched up his look in a bid to stay young and relevant. It's also thought to be his way of breaking free from his marriage and moving on.

"Everything in the end of his marriage just became too much for him and his freedom is really liberating. He wanted to grow his hair long, so he did it. He wants to get manicures, so he gets them," an insider previously explained.

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