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Bruce Willis 'enjoys Stallone wrestle'

Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone shocked diners by having an impromptu arm-wrestling match in a restaurant.

The Hollywood hard men were enjoying a relaxed evening with their wives when the incident occurred. They began discussing who is in better shape at the moment, prompting them to take matters into their own hands to prove their fitness levels.

"They swept aside cutlery, plates and glasses, locked arms and got down," National Enquirer reports.

Bruce's wife Emma and Sylvester's spouse Jennifer could only look on in amazement.

The other dinners at the West Hollywood eatery were initially unsure what was going on. However, when they realised two of the biggest names in the business were facing off many leapt to their feet and starting cheering and whooping.

With neither actor prepared to lose face, the bout went on for several minutes. Eventually the two women begged their husbands to call it a draw.

Bruce and Sylvester are good friends and will be seen appearing alongside each other The Expendables 2 later this year.

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