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Bruce Willis: I needed Valentine's tattoo

Bruce Willis never used to take Valentine’s Day seriously.

The Hollywood hardman rarely remembered to spoil loved ones on February 14. Bruce was often left scrabbling around for a gift to hand over to the special people in his life.

“I had a good decade where I always forgot it. I always missed that date. I’d be like, ‘What? Is it today?’ And I’d have to hustle around. And women always know when you’ve just cobbled a gift together,” he told British newspaper The Metro.

“There’s a box of chocolates, except that some of them are missing because maybe you got them for yourself. I should have tattooed the date on my arm because I wasn’t taking it seriously.”

Bruce claims his disinterest in Valentine’s Day is down to his sceptical nature. The 57-year-old Die Hard star finds it frustrating when traditional holidays become too commercial.

“My only excuse for it was to say that Valentine’s Day seemed like a racket, not really a holiday. It’s invented. It is not a religious holiday and they make a lot of money on the cards and the candy. But, then again, if someone said, ‘Let’s do away with St Valentine’s Day,’ people would be in up in arms,” he explained. “I am capable of getting over it all, though. And besides, if you tell your beloved every day that you love them, then every day is Valentine’s Day, right? That’s the way I look at it.”

However, Bruce admits his attitude towards the date has mellowed in recent years. He is happily married to model Emma Heming and they have a baby daughter, Mabel Rose.

Bruce, who also has three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore, now enjoys making elaborate romantic gestures for the special women in his life.

“I’m in a much more romantic period in my life right now. I have a new baby, a beautiful wife and I’m happy to pay attention to Valentine’s Day. We have a little tradition that makes it very easy for me to remember it and I’m doing very well these past few years,” he revealed.

“It’s a little personal thing. But all the girls are in – my mum gets flowers, my wife’s mom, the kids, the girls, everyone.”

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