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Bruce Willis 'protective of daughters'

Bruce Willis commiserates with Bill Murray's character in his newest film as his paternal instinct is strong.

The Hollywood actor and Bill star in upcoming comedy drama Moonrise Kingdom.

In the film two young lovers run away from their small New England town, which gives rise to a search party compiled of kooky local characters that go after them.

Bill's character is father to the girl that flees with her love.

Bruce has four daughters of his own and can't imagine doing anything other than protecting them from harm.

"What can I say? I understand Bill's character," Bruce told British newspaper The Independent. "The job of a father is to protect, that's what you have to do with your daughters."

Bruce plays Captain Sharp, an eccentric sheriff that leads the town's search party.

The actor is largely known for his legendary roles in action films, but Bruce is elated to have the opportunity to broaden his professional scope.

"I like to think I am getting smarter with the choices I make, and that it's easier to choose the stories I want to do," he explained. "I want to keep taking risks, I really do, even if I do end up like in this film, wearing pants half way up my leg and a scout outfit."

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