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Bruce Willis 'rushes to rescue on movie set'

Bruce Willis rushed to the rescue when a fire broke out on the set of Die Hard 5.

The action hero - who is reprising his role of John McClane in the hit franchise - made his way to the movie set in Budapest after discovering a five-storey building had burst into flames.

According to Radar Online, the incident happened as Bruce's stunt double was filming a high octane explosion scene. A helicopter was used for shooting, and the aircraft's blades are said to have fanned the controlled fire in the building.

Bruce had taken the afternoon off to see his daughters, but rushed back to the set when he heard the fire was burning out of control.

According to the US site, the body double "narrowly escaped injury" with fire brigades quickly appearing on the scene "to try to contain the blaze".

Bruce arrived "just moments after the blaze started", and endeavoured "to help salvage equipment and cameras that were in danger of being destroyed".

Radar reports that producers' plans have been thrown into disarray following the mishap, as they are unable to use the set.

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