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Bryan Cranston apologises for homophobic Power Rangers remark

The actor does not remember making the comments.

Bryan Cranston has apologised for an offensive remark he reportedly made about actor David Yost's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers character.

In 2009, the Breaking Bad star was asked about his voiceover work on the popular series in an interview with After he explained he took on the job as a young actor, he revealed the blue power ranger character, Billy Cranston, was named after him, and reportedly said, "He's the fey one, that's the problem."

It is unclear if he was talking about David, who played the blue ranger and is openly gay, or his character, but 'fey' can also refer to a straight man who displays stereotypical homosexual traits.

David was recently asked about Bryan's casting as Zordon in the new movie reboot, which is slated to hit theatres in 2017, and he explained he was conflicted about the actor's return to the franchise because of the reported comment.

"When I read that interview, which took place about a year before I came out publicly, it really hurt me," Yost told NBC OUT. "In his mind, he probably thinks he was being funny, but that's the kind of thing that's not funny, and that's the kind of thing I would hear while I was working on set. And when you hear stuff like that enough times, it gets to you - especially when (Cranston) says, 'That's the problem'."

Bryan has since been quizzed about his previous remarks in light of Yost's interview, and although the star admits he can't recall ever making the comment, he did issue an apology.

"To be honest, I don't remember saying that," Cranston writes in a statement to the publication. "But I accept that I may have as Mr. Yost suggests, in an attempt at humor. To hear that my impulsive comment hurt someone's feelings, makes me contrite. I accept responsibility for the thoughtless remark and apologize to Mr. Yost and anyone else who may have been offended."

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