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Bullock wants to fly high

Sandra Bullock does “embarrassing” things when tackling her fear of flying.

The actress’ latest movie Gravity sees her and George Clooney play a medical engineer and astronaut who are left stranded in space after an accident.

Sandra found filming the dramatic scenes scary, not least because they reminded her of how petrified she gets when in a plane.

“A plane flight is enough for me. When there’s turbulence something happens to both my body and my face that is both loud and embarrassing to those around me,” she confessed to a UK TV show. “I wish I did drugs, I wish there was a drug I could take where I didn’t care. Still very much in control, but didn’t care.”

After doing a lot of research for her role, Sandra thinks she would be helpful if she were to ever encounter such an incident. However, the likelihood of the 49-year-old actress being in such a situation is rare.

“I should hope so,” she laughed when asked if she’d be as resourceful as her Gravity character if she went into space. “I’d never go up there in the first place. No. No. Not for a second. I’m so happy with here.”

Sandra recently spoke about how George helped relax her during shooting. Some scenes required the pair to be in very close proximity.

“There were very few days when we were physically next to each other,” she explained to British magazine Look.

“Most of the time I was in a box with headphones on. Everything was black and I saw no one. All I had was George’s voice. And his voice is so soothing. It was very intimate.”

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