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Calvin Harris: I could be the chicken king

Calvin Harris would probably be running the chicken area of a supermarket if he wasn't a DJ.

The Scottish DJ is one of the highest-earning in his profession on the planet, and he's come a long way from his roots. It took him a while to realise just what a transformation he'd been through, with his residency in Las Vegas the tipping point.

"It's mind-blowing. There's nothing else I can do apart from make music. I left school with no qualifications, went to work in a fish factory and then in a supermarket, where I'd probably still be if I hadn't got a record deal. Although I'd probably be a manager by now, in charge of the poultry section, perhaps," he joked to British magazine Glamour. "But I wouldn't have my picture next to Rod Stewart's in Vegas' Caesars Palace."

Despite being well-known on both sides of the pond and dating stars such as ex-girlfriend Rita Ora and current squeeze Taylor Swift, Calvin insists he's normal. His days are spent in the same way as most people's and he always laughs when he's asked about the antics he's been up to. That's because, on the whole, he leads a sedate life.

That said, he did recently have a period of intense excitement at his home in Los Angeles.

"The biggest thing that has happened to me this week is getting an inflatable flamingo for my pool. I've also got a duck and a giant serpent, which you can get three people in and ride down the pool. You can't do that in Scotland," he giggled.

His inflatable friends made an appearance on social media this week, when Taylor posted a picture of them together having fun on a blow up swan in a pool.

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